27              Well this is a week of sadness. Some deeply sad and others, when compared to the deeply sad, is just a little sad.

The deeply sad event was the crash of a First Air 737 plane in Resolute Bay, Nunavut.  I had to wait a couple of days to find out who died in the crash.  I am so sad for Jane, a young woman I know through the watercolour group, who’s husband Dave was the first officer on the flight.   My heart goes out to Jane and their three daughters, the youngest is only 5 weeks old.     I am unable to make his celebration of life service on Saturday due to another commitment.

Words do fail…

The second sad thing was that the cartoonist Bush (Norm Muffitt) died this past week from cancer.  He was the cartoonist for the Yellowknifer and for other northern papers done by Northern News for 40 years!    I was blessed to be the focus of one of his cartoons in 2006.  I was so honoured!   We will miss his humour!  I do hope that they will do a book with his work!    I would buy a copy.

The least of the sad things that happened was that on Monday I went and got all my quilts from the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre!  Here are some photos.

The barriers are missing…

Oh there they are.  Janna is picking them up

All the stuff to protect the quilts with

Janna and Rae walking the work out.

The quilts are ready to leave the building!  

Now all the work is at home…now to sort and figure out where to go from here.

See you on Monday!