I haven’t taught in awhile, due to preparing for my solo show and having a very busy life, so it feels good to start back at it.  Start with one class and see where that goes!

Friday September 23 7 – 9 pm

Saturday September 24 9 am – 4 pm

at the Quilted Raven in Yellowknife

I will be teaching a fabric and colour theory for Traditional Quilters.

Do you feel a lack of confidence when you are choosing fabric for your next project?  Does choosing colours make you feel nervous?  Join Shawna and learn how to ‘see’ fabric in a whole new way and gain confidence in your fabric decisions!   This 8 hour course is focused on commercial fabrics.  So if you make quilts or want to decorate a room  this class is for you!

No sewing machine required…glue stick, scissors, paper and lots and lots of six inch squares of fabric from your stash…

Watch for the announcement through the Quilted Raven.