Above is a watercolour sketch that I did on Ingram Trail this past week.  A friend suggested doing watercolour painting outside and my response is that it dries too fast…which it does.  But then I got thinking about that and thought it may be interesting to “sketch” with watercolour.  So here is my first attempt.

From here on this is going to be a rather more wordy post than I will often do…

I generally do my blog post prior to going to bed because wordpress seems to be 13 hours ahead of Yellowknife time but last night I was beginning to formalize where I want my art to be going. To this point my art has been about juried shows with the ultimate goal of having a solo show at the Prince Of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.  In a week my work that has been on display for the past four months will be coming home.  It has been an amazing experience!  I had no idea what to expect.  I had no clue how hard I would have to work to meet the deadline, the hardest I have ever worked in my life but it was so worth it.

Now I am on the other side…and the question that comes up in is ‘Now what?’.  I have even been asked that question by other people too, and really I have no firm idea. I was so focused on the solo show goal that I didn’t think to plan beyond.  I didn’t know what the final pieces would look like and so didn’t think to contact other venues…can I do that now? I am thinking that I will try and see where that goes…but where to try?  See there are a lot of questions with answers out there somewhere…the search begins…and how brave am I?  That is yet another question…

If you have been following my art career then you will have notice that my work is changing.  I am moving into other forms of visual art from pen and ink to watercolour…and maybe beyond.  So now the question is how am I going to deal with the changing nature of my art.

Well all I can say is LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!!!