I tried to follow a sphere video out in the beautiful moment we had on Saturday…hmmm maybe bright light and delicate value changes don’t really go together!  I will be working on this one again!  Practice Practice Practice!

A friend gave me this funky tea cup.  I don’t actually drink tea and I think the logistics of drinking hot liquid from this cup may well be more than I can cope with!  😉  But it is a perfect cup to draw!  When I received it I put it directly into my collection for still life drawings.  I had fun choosing books that I have on my shelf.  I definitely want to do more reflective surfaces like the spoon.

  Looks like summer is back and will stay the weekend!  I am moving my bookcase up to the dining room to work on while I am alone this week.  The goal is to have it completed for DH’s return!

See you on Monday!