The other night well I was painting in my watercolour studio (which I call Studio C) I saw movement… quick as I could I left the room and closed the door!  But alas I thought I had contained the little uninvited guest in that room.  But no…it was upstairs in a flash.

This is a photo I got off of internet…didn’t think of taking one myself

The silly thing left evidence of where it had been…bleach and water used liberally but I had no idea where the  mouse was hiding.  That is until I was rooting around in Studio Q (for Quilting) and turned around.  There it was…in my over-stuffed, perfect-for-hiding-in studio.  Oh my.  The poor thing was totally frightened.  I left the room quickly, put a towel and my yoga mat in front of the door, got the trap that Ian had set elsewhere in the house, opened the door, placed the trap and resealed the doorway so the quick-as-a-mouse mouse couldn’t escape.

In the morning Ian checked the trap but no mouse. He had used peanut butter as the bait which wasn’t overly successful.  Being the ingenious guy that he is he cleaned off the peanut butter and put cherrios and syrup in the trap instead.  Worked like a charm.  Ian is MY HERO!

Now I am off to take the bleach and water and discover where the mouse has been in my studio…wish me luck as I might be in there for a long time.  There is a lot of stuff stuffed into that little room and what a perfect playing area for a mouse…

Oh and just incase you think we are heartless…we had a live trap and released the mouse outside.